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The Magic of Artificial Eyes - Why, When & How 

Wednesday, 30 June 2021  |  17:00 - 18:00 ( UTC+8  | SGT )  

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Ocular prosthesis, also known as Artificial Eyes, are prosthetic medical devices which are fabricated to replace and restore the appearance of a lost eye. Eyes in children and adults may be lost due to injuries or infections resulting in shrinkage (phthisis),  from removal of eyes to save the life (cancers), the other eye (following irreparable injury) or rarely seen in children who are born without one or both eyes.

This presentation will highlight such unusual situations that are potentially medically, physically and psychosocially devastating which once managed medically and/or surgically, are rehabilitated by a Custom made ocular prosthesis by a Certified Ocular Prosthetician. The process of counseling, fabrication, fitting and maintenance will be presented in detail. Patient /family experiences may also be shared.

At the end of the presentation, the adult patients, their caregivers and allied health professionals will have a better understanding of the various indications, processes and challenges in the fabrication and maintenance of ocular prosthesis.



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Medical professionals in Singapore may be eligible for CME/CPE/CNE credits for attending this webinar.
Credits and Certificates of Attendance will only be issued for those who are able to attend the live session and are in adherence with VIVA's Attendance Policy.


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Michelle Hermiston

Dr Gangadhara Sundar

Diplomate, The American Board of Ophthalmology
Head, Orbit & Oculofacial Surgery, Dept of Ophthalmology
Adjunct Faculty, Dept of Pediatrics
National University Hospital, National University of Singapore


Dr Ganga obtained his basic training from Chennai, India followed by a residency and advanced subspecialty training in Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery & Ocular Oncology from the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, USA. He specializes in the diseases and surgery of the Eyelids, Lacrimal system, Orbit & Oculofacial diseases with special interest in Ophthalmic Oncology including Retinoblastoma, Orbitofacial Trauma, Thyroid Eye Disease. Committed to clinical and surgical excellence, he is a regional and international expert in his field, travels extensively with invited named lectureship and keynote addresses at various international subspecialty meetings. He has trained Fellows from Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, India, Thailand, Iran, Syria, the United Kingdom & Nepal. He serves in several leadership capacities in various national, regional and international professional societies including currently serving as Vice President of the Singapore Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (SSOPRS) and has received numerous awards by various societies in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Michelle Hermiston

Suriya Abu Waled

Senior Ophthalmic Technician - Ocular Prosthesis Specialist
National University Hospital

Ms Suriya Abu Waled's career spans 17 years of experience as an imaging and biometry specialist, including 12 years of experience as an ocularist. She provides effective post-enucleation and –evisceration rehabilitation built on the foundation of ocular and facial prosthesis science blended with functional artistry. Ms Suriya has extensive experience in designing and fabricating iris-painted conformers, customised thin scleral shells and oculoprosthesis, symblephron rings, canthal expansion conformers and orbital prosthesis.
Patients that benefit from treatment include those with retinoblastoma, ocular trauma, anophthalmic sockets, phthisis bulbi and ptosis. Collaborating with oculoplastic surgeons, Dr Gangadhara Sundar and Dr Stephanie Young, she is committed to deliver high quality care and aesthetic satisfaction to patients. A firm believer of continuous learning, she has presented at various local and international conferences and workshops.

TC Quah



Laura Mei Lian Tan

Senior Nursing Lecturer
Global Outreach Program (Asia Pacific Region)
Paediatric Oncology
Department of Paediatrics
VIVA-University Children's Cancer Centre, National University Hospital