VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer is a Singapore-based charity which focuses on saving lives of children with cancer through research, medical care and education.

Cancer is a leading cause of death by illness among children today. There are different types of cancers which afflict children, from leukaemias and brain tumours to sarcomas and others.

VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer focuses on life-saving leading-edge research, medical care and education. We are racing against time to develop better treatments, faster cures and to make newer discoveries. We believe these would all translate into better survival rates with less late-effects for affected children.


The word "VIVA" is an acclamation for "long live!" and VIVA works to rewrite the future of children with cancer, as every child deserves to live and no child should die in the dawn of their lives.

VIVA works very closely with the world-renowned St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Tennessee, USA) with the ambitious aim of translating the high cure rates achieved by St Jude into Singapore and the wider Asia region.

VIVA’s work to save the lives of as many children as possible is supported by a small but growing group of dedicated partners, fantastic volunteers and kind-hearted donors.