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Naoko's Story

When my son was diagnosed as leukaemia, I was confused and struggled with understanding his condition and treatment. I was feeling miserable because as a mother, I couldn't protect him, couldn't do anything, even couldn't understand enough what was happening to my son. It was the toughest moment ever for me.

Prof. Allen explained my son's condition and treatments in very clear way. He answered any questions. Sometimes he introduced other patients who helped me to gained a better understanding. He gave us a lot of information and options so that we could make the best decisions for my son. I gradually gained confidence thanks to his attitude and guidance.

Of course, treatment itself is very important but a doctor's attitude really lights up and lightens up the hearts of patients and families. He is a doctor who understands how patients are feeling. Prof. Allen's research work is excellent and important in establishing better cures for children with leukaemia like my son.

Madeline's Story

Madeline is a research psychologist who had completed her Master's thesis on the impact of coping, fatigue and social support on the health-related quality of life of children with cancer. Her research on paediatric cancer has inspired her to write a series of posts on Paediatric Cancer Research on her blog,, in order to provide easy-to-digest information on childhood cancer and its impact.

Read Madeline’s blog entries on Paediatric Cancer (written in 2011).
The Psychology of Children with Cancer

Understanding Paediatric Cancer:

  1. Types of Childhood Cancers
  2. Treatment
  3. Side Effects of Treatment
  4. Alleviating Negative Effects
  5. Personal Experience