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Battling Childhood Cancer is Tough: Yenyen and Darshan

When Darshan was diagnosed with ALL at the age of three, his life changed completely. It was a tough treatment journey ahead. The family found support with fellow parents of children with cancer, doctors, nurses, and organisations like VIVA to get through.

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Renewing Hope: Chriscavin

For Cancer Survivors, 'Normal' is a Joy in Life: Amy and Ezri

Building a Community of Love: Jane

Chris was diagnosed with high-risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at 15. Since then he has suffered two relapses, making the ALL even harder to treat. 

  At the age of two-and-a-half, Ezri was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). It was challenging not just for Ezri as she underwent treatment, but also for the entire family as they bravely faced the journey that followed.  

Covid-19 has meant a lot of difficulties for Jane*. This included losing her part-time job, which was her main source of income. As a single mother of three, and a caregiver of a child with cancer, she was devastated.

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For the Love of my Son:
Mrs Jennifer Yeo
Of Love, Devotion, and Hard Work: Assoc Prof Allen Yeoh
  When I Grow Up
After her son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia at the age of three, Mrs Jennifer Yeo started the VIVA to improve the level of research and medical for childhood cancer in Singapore and Asia.  

Seeing children's smiles, laughter, and play as they recover from cancer—VIVA-Goh Foundation Associate Professor Allen Yeoh shares what keeps him going in improving the cure rates for childhood leukaemia.


All kids have dreamseven kids with cancer. Watch as we asked four patients about their dreams for the future.

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Passion for Life:
Prof Ching-Hon Pui
  A Second Chance in Life:
Cheryl and Joshua

Straight from the Heart:
Dr Amos Loh and Dr Soh Shui Yen

World renowned paediatric oncologist and Chairman of VIVA's External Advisory Board Dr Ching-Hon Pui shares how helping children with leukaemia and other types of cancer has become his lifelong passion.   In 2014, Joshua was diagnosed with a very rare condition Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia. His mum Cheryl shares their experience and challenges with diagnosis and treatment, and how he now has a second chance at living a full, healthy life.  

Paediatric oncologists Dr Amos Loh and Dr Soh Shui Yen from the KK Women's and Children's Hospital, share their challenges in treating paediatric brain and solid tumours, a rarer—and deadlier—disease that constitute half of all childhood cancers.

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Research for a Brighter Future: Prof Dario Campana and Dr Elaine Coustan-Smith
  Caring through Education:
Sister Laura Tan and Dr Sally Blair

The Fight of My Life: Caleb Sim

Renowned pioneer of CAR T-Cell Therapy and Mrs Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor Dario Campana and Dr Elaine Coustan-Smith share how their research work focuses on developing new cures while decreasing side-effects for children with cancer.    Senior Nurse Educator Sister Laura Tan and SJVF Organising Committee member Dr Sally Blair share how education is essential for parents, caregivers, and medical professionals in order to be able to give childhood cancer patients the best level of care.  

Caleb was only 13 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Burkitt's Lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the body's lymphatic system. With a cure rate of 50-60%, Caleb's risk of dying was very high.

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Madeline's Story Naoko's Story
Connecting Hope, Saving Lives: Dr Mae Dolendo
Madeline is a research psychologist who had completed her Master's thesis on the impact of coping, fatigue and social support on the health-related quality of life of children with cancer.    When her child was diagnosed with leukaemia, Naoko struggled with understanding his condition and treatment. She shares her journey and how doctors like Assoc Prof Allen Yeoh have helped her and her family better cope with her son's condition.    Filipino Paediatric Oncologist Dr Mae Dolendo shares how regional exchanges like the St Jude-VIVA Forum have helped equip doctors from the region with necessary skills to improve care and outcomes of childhood cancers in their country. 
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