The VIVA-KKH Paediatric Brain and Solid Tumour Programme is a collaborative clinical and research partnership between VIVA Foundation, KKH and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital for childhood brain and solid tumours. It was established in 2015 to seek advancements through improving clinical care, translational clinical research, education and leveraging on the expertise and strength of partner institutions, KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), Viva Foundation for Children with Cancer (VIVA) and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (SJCRH), USA.

Childhood cancers are the second leading cause of death in children in Singapore and developed countries worldwide and brain and solid tumours constitute half of all the childhood cancers. They are rare, diverse and often under-recognised. It is usually reported late, causing physical, psychological and social imparts to the children and their families. Despite advances in the treatment of paediatric cancers, outcomes for most childhood solid tumours remain inferior to blood cancers. KKH currently manages the vast majority of all the childhood brain and solid tumours in Singapore.

The VIVA-KKH Paediatric Brain and Solid Tumour Programme focus on the following 3 areas:

  • Improving clinical care for childhood brain & solid cancers
  • Bench to bedside translational clinical research for childhood brain & solid cancers
  • Prevention, control and population-based science

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