SJVF Day 1 4 March 3

The 11th St Jude-VIVA Forum in Paediatric Oncology (SJVF) was held at Hotel Jen Tanglin from 4-5 March 2017.

More than 230 participants including expert speakers from the USA, Germany, The Netherlands and Singapore, took part in this annual forum that brings together doctors and medical professionals from Singapore and the region to discuss the latest research findings and current issues in the field of paediatric oncology.

Other than the main forum which took place on 4-5 March, the pre-forum and symposiums that took place prior to the main forum also saw overwhelming attendance and support.

For the first time, a South-East Asia Retinoblastoma Symposium was held on 1 March. This full day multidisciplinary symposium was attended by paediatric oncologists and ophthalmologists, in collaboration with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer.

Retinoblastoma has a high incidence in South-East Asia, with estimated new cases at 670 annually. There were 83 attendees at the meeting, representing 33 centres or organisations from the following countries – Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, UK and USA.

Pre-forum, workshops and symposiums also allowed for smaller, but more focused discussions to take place. This includes the VIVA-Asia Pre-Forum Workshop, VIVA-Asia Nursing Symposium as well as working group meeting regarding brain and solid tumours.

This year, a total of 15 Medical Travelling Fellowships were awarded for the main forum and 5 Nursing Travelling Fellowships were awarded for the VIVA-Asia Nursing Symposium. The fellowships allowed for deserving delegates from the region to take part in the forum.

At the main forum, 32 posters were selected for presentation, out of which 30 of the authors were able to attend.


Poster judges Dr Tanja A Gruber and Dr Thomas Lehrnbecher selected the following poster winners:

Best Overall Poster

Cardiovascular Ageing in Childhood Cancer Survivors Correlates with Anthracycline and Radiotherapy Exporure

Winner Best Poster from a Developing Country

By: Azanan Mohamad Shafiq, Abd Ghafar Sayyidatul Syahirah, Rosli Erda Syerena, Oh Lixian, Lau Kee Hie, Chin Tong Foh, Lum Su Han, Yap Tsiao Yi, Ariffin Hany

Best Poster for Quality Improvement

Outcome of Wilms’ Tumour Treated According to the SIOP-PODC Approach: Early Experience in a Tertiary Referral Hospital in the Philipipines

Winner Best Poster for Quality Improvement

By: Caneba Joliza Patricia, Avila Jose Maria, Catangui Antonio, Cupino Nonette, Fajardo Pamela, Alcasabas Ana Patricia

The Asian Children’s Care League (ACCL) donated a copy of the textbook “Pediatric Hematology-Oncology in Countries with Limited Resources. A Practical Manual.” Editors Stefan, Daniela Cristina and Rodriquez-Galindo, Carlos. The textbook prize was for the recipient of the Best Poster from a Developing Country. It was won by the following poster and its authors:

Outcomes and Prognostic Variables of Osteogenic Sarcoma in Children from a Tertiary Referral Cancer Centre in India

Winner Best Poster from a Developing Country

By: Ramanathan Subramaniam, Puri Ajay, Gulia Ashish, Rekhi Bharat, Vora Tushar, Prasad Maya, Bajpayi Jyoti, Chinnaswamy Girish

Last but not least, thank you to all the sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers, and the organising committee for putting together a meaningful and successful forum. We thank St Jude Children’s Research Hospital for their unwavering support all these years. Through this forum, international collaborations have developed and we hope that knowledge and friendship made during the forum will lead us to save more children with cancer now and in the future.