On 23 and 24 April 2016, radio personalities from Mediacorp’s LOVE 97.2FM and xinyao performers gathered together at One KM Mall for a very special and unique event.

"Chang Xin Yao, Ai Sheng Ming", an idea birthed by veteran xinyao singer, Dawn Gan, was organized by record label Ocean Butterflies and made possible by Mediacorp's LOVE 97.2FM radio station.

Altogether, more than 500 people, from all walks of life, attended the event which saw volunteers donating their hair for a good cause. Hair donors cut 10inches (or longer) of their hair so as to have the donated hair weaved into wigs. These wigs would eventually be used by persons recovering from cancer, especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy, which may cause natural hair to fall off during the high intensity medical process.

Professional hairdressers from Jean Yip Group lent their skills to cut hair from more than 30 hair donors. Dawn Gan, a cancer survivor, was also one of the donors. Her long and healthy hair was eventually cut shorter, albeit for a good cause.

Emcees, made up of radio deejays from the morning and evening drive time programmes on LOVE 97.2FM, encouraged the crowd to give the hair donors the much needed support, since some of the donors have been keeping their hair for many years. The emcees also appealed to the audience to make monetary donations to VIVA Foundation. During the 2 days at One KM Mall, a total of $18,808.90 cash was received. Online, via Giving.Sg, the campaign managed to raise $1,790 in donations.

VIVA Foundation would like to thank everybody who had contributed in one way or another towards the success of this event.

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