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Computers Against Covid

During the Covid-19 pandemic, kids with cancer need online learning more than ever. Over the Circuit Breaker period, VIVA teamed up with Engineering Good on Computers Against Covid to provide children and households affected by childhood cancer with a pre-loved laptop to make sure they don't get left behind.

VIVA has since completed the distribution of laptops, with the help of the amazing Glover Family, who volunteered to deliver the units to each household!

 What is Computers Against Covid?

The VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer (VIVA) artnered Engineering Good's programme– Computers Against Covid– to distribute pre-loved, refurbished laptops to those affected by childhood cancer and would need the equipment for home and web-based learning during and after Singapore's Covid-19 circuit breaker phase.

Who are the laptops for?

We wanted to help kids with cancer have access to education during Covid-19 by providing tools and equipment necessary for online learning.

These laptops were meant for households affected by childhood cancer that may have financial difficulties in providing necessary equipment for kids to take part in web-based learning. 

What kind of laptops are available?

All laptops from Engineering Good were pre-loved and donated by generous souls. They ere refurbished, sanitised, and checked with care by a team volunteers to make them ready for use.

Each unit came installed with Windows 10 and Google Chrome, and equipped with WiFi-capability. WiFi connection not included.



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Engineering Good
The Engineering Good (EG) is a Singapore-based charity. For this programme, EG does not distribute directly to beneficiaries, and work with social sector partners to be the distribution nodes.  In this regard, VIVA will be the overall coordinator for distribution to children with cancer in Singapore, coordinating responses from other NGOs and hospitals.