The St Jude-VIVA Forum is the combined effort of VIVA Foundation and the St Jude International Outreach Program. The forum is an education initiative which aims to provide an annual platform for paediatric oncologists to exchange information and to collaborate in research.

Held in Singapore during March each year, VIVA facilitates for the transfer of knowledge between countries on the latest and best practices in research and medical care for children with cancer. By doing so, VIVA believes in time to come, the developing countries will be able to attain the high cure rates seen in developed countries. Overall, this will mean more children with cancer standing a higher chance of cure and survival, regardless of geography.

Held since 2006, the St Jude-VIVA Forum is now being seen as one of the foremost meetings for paediatric oncologists in Asia, bringing together a growing number of delegates, to connect with world leaders in the field of paediatric oncology.

More than just a 2-day conference, the Forum has now grown into a 5-day program which includes additional workshops and collaboration meetings such as the Pre-Forum Workshop, VIVA-Asia specialised workgroups and for the first time in 2015, the VIVA-Asia Nursing Symposium and CCF-VIVA Learning Exchange. At the main forum itself, delegates also have the chance to interact with the world speakers through “Meet the Experts” sessions held throughout the Forum

The next Forum will be held in the end of March 2015. Registration can be done via the St Jude-VIVA Forum conference website.