As part of VIVA efforts to achieve better cancer care and cure in Singapore and Asia, there are two ongoing collaborations taking place among doctors and hospitals in Asia. These are the VIVA-Asia Acute Leukaemia (VAWGM), the VIVA-Asia Bone Marrow Transplant (VABMT) Working Groups.

VIVA-Asia Acute Leukaemia (VAWGM)
The VAWGM Working Group encourages clinicians, scientists and researchers in acute leukeamia to meet and develop ideas on how to standardise, collaborate and support one another. The VAWGM aims to coordinate common questions and indications for research, training and standards, and works to translate the success achieved in childhood leukaemia therapy in developed countries into developing countries, especially those in Asia.

VIVA-Asia Bone Marrow Transplant (VABMT)
The VABMT Working Group is a platform for learning and sharing of knowledge across the various hospitals in Asia. The working group has been actively exploring and implementing opportunities to work together in research and strategic planning for paediatric bone marrow transplants in the region.