Led by student leader Mohammed Siddiqui (Saad), students of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) put together an entertaining and original musical revue, comprising of music, dance and sketches to raise funds for VIVA Foundation.

The musical was about a boy with a low-sense of self-worth who escaped his life and eventually finds himself in a place called the Broken Prayer Tavern - an ascetic sort of tavern which serves nothing but milk. There he meets a generous owner-cum-struggling musician who manages to help people who come by his tavern, by listening to them and through sharing his music. Together, they realised something – “it’s not about how much you change the world, but how many worlds you change.” It was a lovely story and message, brought to life by the acting and singing of talented student performers. Through the musical, the students helped to raised S$30,000 for VIVA.